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Diet harmony - alkaline versus acidic - OPTIMIZING THE DIET

Some are confronted every day with the  
dilemma: “What should I eat to look  
and feel better?”.Your choices are  
your business card, in terms of health and  
And because food, which is perceived as  
matter, has an energetic component  

(because matter is, essentially, energy), we  
can deduce that what we choose to eat  
gives us certain energetic information that,  
when reaching to the cells in our system,  
are transformed into moods. And because  
everyone is looking for the state of  
well-being, we can ask ourselves how we  
can obtain and maintain this state through  
our food choices.  
Let us make a brief presentation of the  
energetic information contained in certain  
food groups and the states that obtained  
by choosing such food groups:  
1.Sour fruits (apples), vegetables and root  
crops (carrots, celery), yang cereals (wild  
rice, buckwheat) = strong vital energy;state: dynamism, optimism;  
2.Sweet fruit (banana, peaches, figs ), yin  
vegetables (lettuce, beans, fennel), dairy,  
yin cereals (oats) – have the energy  
of peace and harmony, also femininity;  
state: relaxation, acceptance.  
3. Fried food, cooked with oily sauces -  
inner agitation energy and sometimes  
state: sleepiness / insomnia, laziness,  
4.Meat based products - the energy of  
inertia and fear;  
state: unreasonable fear (of failure, of loss  
of health, of not being good enough, etc.),  
insecurity, aggressiveness.  
5.Sweet foods which are based on  
sugar/flour - toxic energy, excessive  
stimulation of the erotic energy center;  
state: mental slowness, sleepiness (after the  
end of the glycemic boost effect),  
exacerbated sexuality, low intuition.  
6.Stimulents – caffein and  
taurine-based drinks, alcohol - the energy  
of turmoil, inner disorder;  
state: hyperactivity (immediately afterconsumption), slowness and sense of  
"mental blockage" after the transition of  
the energy boost effect, disordered  
sexuality (either exacerbated, or marked  
by certain problems, misunderstandings  
and blockages).  
From a Taoist Master’s teachings:  
"The food decides almost entirely the state  
we are in.  
Generally, the foods that leave acidic  
traces in the body are heavy, too  
processed, too synthesized and sweet :  
meat of all kinds, bread, pastries, alcohol,  
coffee, candied fruit ...  
Alkaline foods are green, fresh and alive:  
greens and their juices, vegetables, fruits  
such as avocado , tomatoes, grapefruit and  
lemons ...  
It's very simple: we are spiritual beings  
living in a spiritual world. Those from the  
West have been educated that cooked and  
synthesized food is the best. We all know  
now that they create an environment of  
slow decay and degeneration that is seen in  
All degenerative diseases-arteriosclerosis,We have always wondered why some  
people exposed to certain germs and  
disease don’t also contact the  
disease ...  
The difference is the environment inside the  
body. The good news is that if we have an  
acidic environment in the body, the  
situation can be changed if we improve our  
diet and eat alkaline food, with a high  
energy level. [...] one must first understand  
the nature of the food that he consumes.  
Then [...] we could open to the inner  
sources of energy that raise our vibration  
even more.  
When the energy in the body decreases  
because of the food we eat, we are prone  
to disease. When you eat, food is  
metabolized and leaves something like an  
ash in the body. This ash may have acidic  
or alkaline nature, depending on the food.  
If it is alkaline, it will be easily expelled  
from the body, with little energy. If  it’s acidic, it is very difficult for the  
bloodstream and lymphatic system to  
eliminate so it remains inside the organs  
and tissues as solid matter - crystalline  
forms of low vibration that create  
blockages and dysfunction at the cellular  
level. The more acidic byproducts remain  
in the body, the more acidic the tissues  
become and [...] a microbe or virus just  
passing by says: << Here's a body that is  
supposed to break down >>.  
When organisms die, the body becomes  
very acidic environment and microbes  
quickly devour it.” 

This an excerpt from the book GET SEDUCED BY YOUR OWN LIFE. 
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