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A Better Immunity

   At the energetic level, immunity is both sustained by the good functioning of the heart chakra (which sustains the thymus - the immunity gland) and also of the adrenals, which are "fueled" by the root chakra.

  The root chakra is clearely fueled by grounding - as it is our very connection to the ground; but the heart chakra is also an important grounding tool, as it has the same frequency to the heart of the Erath (or the Earth center) - of aprox. 8 Hz. Therefore, when our heart chakra is opened we are in allignment with the Earth center's frequency, being able to receive this energy and receive Earth's energy, as we have a mutually beneficial energy exchange with the planet we're a part of. The very concept then changes - one no longer feels he lives on a planet but one feels he is a part of that planet. Big difference.
   Therefore, both root chakra and heart chakra need to be opened for us to feel grounded (that is -  being tuned to the Earth's frequency), have a good immunity and bringing the higher energies that one can encompass via meditation, into the dimension that most people on the Earth are now.
   At the level of causality, the lack of grounding and immunity may come from the misconception that the physical body and the physical plane are not holy enough to be cherished. Therefore, by denying the physical aspect of his being, one denies the whole earthly energy and his own connection to the Earth.
     Many important religions have introduced this concept and distorted the main important teachings of their main masters: in Hinduism, Babaji taught us to treat the body as a temple, but many hindu masters then denied it, searching for illumination and balance outside of it. They all spoke of "returning home", but were seeing this home as outside of the earthly plane, outside of the human body; in Tibetan tradition, great tantric masters taught the accepting and integrating of all worldly aspects, yet the monks came to deny and banish physicality; in Christianity, Jesus came and showed us the possibility of immortality, yet many have only chosen to see his death and sacrifice - as a symbol of renunciation an detachment.
    Clarity is a necessity when approaching such teachings, seeing that they all have shown a way of preserving life on Earth in our earthly form - as our earthly form is also divinely created.

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