marți, 24 aprilie 2018


When I was 11, my grandfather who has raised me died, leaving me in a feeling of despair hat took years to recover from(see full story here).

24 years from then, I have helped hundreds of people overcome a loss and recover after the departure of a dear one - family member,lover, friend. The Soul Healing Therapy that I practice has helped me see how fine the boundaries between the planes are and how easy we can connect to and contact our dear ones (or stay open to hear their messages, as they often act like angels for us).

Now I have recorded this MEDITATION TO COMMUNE WITH THE DEPARTED ONES - which helps you relax, calm your mind and release the grief and suffering, as well as the bonds and ties that keep you in a mourning state, also affecting the energy of the departed one. This meditation is created to set you both free so that only love and harmonious communication stays between you, so that you never feel separated again.

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