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What about light-er diet?

It is possible that, when hearing about light nourishment (or being fed by light) 
one imagines that this means to suddenly  
stop eating physical food and become a  
breatharian (this is the term used for those  
using the energy received through the  
breath to feed themselves). I thought this,  
too, and (I admit!) I went to the pranic  
healing&nourishment trainings with a huge  
ego, thinking that I should come out of  
there... all light (en-lightened)!

I received the answer to this after a period  
 Jasmuheen, who has "relaxed" my  
beliefs on the subject in a wonderful way.  
The possibility of suddenly making the  
transition from physical to non-physical  
food is real but , still, I found out that there  
are various levels to this way of feeding  
and that we are all practicing pranic  
feeding on a certain level.  
Since we are all breathing, we all have  
contact with the life energy / chi / prana,  
which exists in the atmosphere and isinhaled with every breath. The differences  
lie in how much of this energy we draw  
and store and that depends on our lifestyle.  
Thus, according to the studies I have  
mentioned, there are six levels of light  
nourishment, each having its own intensity:  
Level 1 - Feeding "from the outside in"  
– for those who eat physical food, in  
any form: regular diet, vegetarians, vegans,  
raw etc.  
Level 2 - The "unconscious transition" to  
pranic feeding level - those who change  
their diet without knowing why, sensing  
they can not eat certain foods anymore;  
Level 3 – The " conscious  
transition" -this level includes those who  
know they are programmed to do this (this  
programming exists in the energy blueprint  
and it can be measured!) and they do the  
necessary "attunements" required to  
lighten-up their diet: meditation, physical  
exercise, conscious breathing etc.  
Level 4 - Those who have crossed over to  
pranic feeding, that don’t depend on  
physical food anymore, but still eat for  
pleasure;  Level 5 - Those that feed on liquids, juices  
– liquidarians;  
Level 6 - the level of feeding „from  
the inside out" - Those that feed  
exclusively with light / prana – called  
breatharians .  
Therefore, although the concept may seem  
abstract or even "alien-like" to some, we  
are all on this path, on a certain level. The  
transition between these levels is only  
made through a leap of consciousness, by  
tuning in to an area of calm, peace,  
benevolence and love that allows us to  
receive and use more of the life energy  
In a nutshell, changing the way of feeding  
ourselves - from normal eating to  
vegetarianism, then veganism, then raw etc.  
- only happens because of this change in  
our inner state and due to the global energy  
that encourages these transformations...  
What we send out is just as important as  
how we eat: we can be vegan or not, we  
can have a spiritual practice or not, but an  
understanding and benevolent nature  
towards other peoples’ choices,  tolerance and love and conscious attention  
to what we emit through our thoughts and  
emotions are the things that align us to a  
new way of being.  

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