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After having published this book* in it’s first edition, I received some questions that made me see the necessity of adding something to it, as if something had been left unsaid while writing it. Or, maybe it’s just now that the right time for saying this has come…
The experience that I’ve written about in this book is a peculiar and – for many – an “extreme” one. It’s of  that “don’t try this at home” things that you want to get informed about before proceeding to it.
The training that I took part in - consisting in ten days and ten nights of complete darkness and with no physical food (except some fruit juice, optionally) – is meant to strongly refine the senses and the intuitive capacities, to purify and heal the body and to put us in contact to our non-physical side.
Taking part in such a process implies a harmonious preparation that, for me, consisted in a year of profound detoxifying – not only with my diet but also at the  energetic level – and a few months of exclusively vegan feeding, before the beginning of the training. And all that, to make it smoother…
To others may be different, but to me that’s how it was and so I felt it’s good to write about this as I realized this might help those interested in the subject.
Also, of great importance in such a process is the teacher/facilitator, as he should be very experienced and have the ability to maintain a certain state of consciousness throughout the whole training, for himself as well as for the participants. The innitiation in pranic the feeding process can only be transmitted by someone that has longly (and successfully) practiced it and that is familiarized with the states, thoughts and physical reactions that can occur along with it. I was lucky to meet such a teacher…
That is why the “don’t try this at home” warning comes again, as I feel to stress that without studying and researching in the field of energetic (or pranic) nourishment, without an impeccable mind-body connection and with no previous training in the energy field, this type of exercise can be risky when done with no supervision.
Therefore, this book is only meant to tell the story of an experience and a possibility, and those who are opened to that possibility are advised to get carefully informed to find out how they can make a gradually transition to a lighter diet, but also to a higher frequency before proceeding to it.

Because, after all, the whole process is not about eating or not eating – and it sure isn’t about fasting – but about ways of accessing a higher state of consciousness…

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