miercuri, 30 decembrie 2015

How to Refine Your Psychic Abilities

Psychic abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience, seeing auras, precognition, psychometry, telepathy, channeling, spiritual healing, astral travel, out of body experiences… and more, are not the spiritual gifts of the few. Psychic abilities can be learned and developed by all.
Psychic abilities are already present within all, but for many, these abilities and skills have been blocked out over the years by layers of density, thought, doubt, and limiting belief. The blessing in this, is that the ability has been there all along, and with intention and persistence, psychic abilities can be activated, developed, and awakened now.
Everyone has, and can develop their psychic ability.
In saying this however, I do not mean that everyone is meant to be a professional psychic or energy healer. If you’re not drawn at all to develop psychically…

How to Support a Child with Psychic Abilities

"Psychically gifted children are becoming more and more the norm today. They’re not weird, dangerous, or anything like that… They simply perceive reality in a different way, and through their expanded senses often have access to increased information when compared to most other people.
Just about everyone has some psychic ability, the difference is that psychic children have abilities that are strong and pronounced from an early age so they’re noticed. Psychic kids often appear bright, and tend to share insightful truths about life from an early age.

Venice and its subtle waters - a prose poem

As I walk in Venice I am always taught of the walking on waters and the miraculous worlds underneath. I am amazed to find my Atlanthean worlds waiting for and unfolding for me here.
Every walk along the waters reveals more and more of my communication with this secret civilization, one living beside us but on a different frequency band (zone), luring me with its joy and beauty, but also with stories of an ancient, ancient past.
They expect me to be there, welcoming me and enjoying my presence, just as much as I enjoy theirs. A luscious world...
The clear, blue waters shelter this magnificent civilization, just a thin vibrational wall shielding it from the gallons of water that float about the Mediterranean sea.
A luscious decadence of joy, wealth and beauty, welcoming warm faces and embracing applause every time my consciousness dwells upon them, making me more present to their realm. I am entitled to be there, just as much as they are entitled to welcome and wait for me. I am one of theirs, just as much as I belong to any other world I might focus upon.
The underwater worlds are a precious gift the reality gives me as I come back to it from the endless dream of dreaming the worlds. Or is it just another dream?
It all is...

marți, 22 decembrie 2015

Expozitie Soul Healing Art - 22.12.2015 - ora 7 pm

In sprijinul campaniei "MAI BINE...LOVE!", organizam in data de 22.12.15, ora 7 pm, expozitia cu vanzare in care veti putea gasi materialele Soul Healing Art by Cristiana Dragomir Eltrayan: vaze pictate manual, tablouri, meditatii pictate. Toate acestea sunt idei unicat de cadouri pentru Craciun, iar o parte din fondurile stranse in cadrul expozitiei vor fi folosite pentru hrana si daruri in cadrul campanei "MAI BINE...LOVE!"
Vom avea si "povesti" speciale de Craciun cu Cristiana Dragomir Etrayan, intr-o atmosfera calda si relaxanta. 

Paradise Cambridge School - Scoala Paradis - Pacurari, Str.Iancu Flondor, langa Cimitirul Evreiesc ( de la Alfabank Pacurari, la dreapta si in sus pe straduta cam 500 m - o cladire cu verde si albastru pe dreapta dupa ce treceti de arcada Cartierului Amfiteatru).

Tot in sprijinul campaniei, o parte din vanzarile de sarbatori ale site-urilor SOUL HEALING MATERIALS (http://meditatiidezvoltarepersonala.tictail.com/) si
SOUL HEALING ART(http://soulhealingart.tictail.com/) vor fi transformate in hrana si cadouri pentru persoanele aflate in dificultate.
Detalii despre campanie aici: https://www.facebook.com/CristianaDragomirConsilierdezvoltarepersonala/photos/a.168498623322049.1073741828.168484033323508/472906276214614/?type=3.

Cu drag,
Terapeut holistic & Life Coach
Tel: 0746 165 813
E-mail: cristiana.dragomir999@gmail.com


Campania MAI BINE...LOVE! - Editia a 10-a - 22.dec.2015

Dragi prieteni, asa cum v-am obisnuit, lunar sau o data la doua luni avem colecta MAI BINE...LOVE!, in cadrul careia strangem haine, alimente si accesorii pentru persoanele aflate in dificultate.
In aceasta editie ne-am propus sa facem acest lucru la scara mai larga, invitandu-va pe fiecare sa contribuiti in modul in care simtiti, in data de 22 dec. 2015.
Iata cateva idei:

duminică, 20 decembrie 2015

Ce inseamna EŞEC pentru tine?

Nu poţi intra de două ori în acelaţi râu - Heraclit

   Când eram mică am fost învăţată că trebuie să am succes în orice: nu aveam voie să greşesc la teme, trebuia să fiu politicoasă cu toată lumea, iar dacă nu îmi jucam rolul de  "fetiţă cuminte" la şcoala, eram pedepsită drastic.
Cunoaşteţi filmul? Aşa învaţă copiii despre TREBUIE...
Apoi m-am făcut (mai) mare şi am început să fiu un vânător de succese, ceea ce m-a dus, fără doar şi poate, spre managementul organizării de evenimente. De succes! :)
Dar, când m-am căsătorit şi apoi a trebuit să divorţez, cineva din familie mi-a spus : "Vai, Cristiana, dar asta este un eşec!". Şi am început să privesc cuvântul ăsta cu mai multă atenţie...
Ce înseamnă cu adevărat eşec?

miercuri, 16 decembrie 2015

Povestea creionului

  " Copilul îşi privea bunicul scriind o scrisoare. La un moment dat, întrebă:
-Scrii o poveste care ni s-a întâmplat nouă? Sau poate e o poveste despre mine?
Bunicul se opri din scris, zâmbi şi-i spuse nepotului:
-E adevărat, scriu despre tine. Dar mai important decât cuvintele este creionul cu care scriu. Mi-ar plăcea să fii ca el, când vei fi mare.
Copilul privi creionul intrigat, fiindcă nu văzuse nimic special la el...

vineri, 11 decembrie 2015

How to perceive angels

Seeing Angels

'Many people have the idea that seeing angels is similar to seeing other people, except angels of course have ornate wings and halos… The reality however, is that the natural state of angels is pure spirit, high vibrational frequency, and light.
For this reason, seeing angels is usually more like seeing flashes of light, orbs, or streaks of luminescent color, than it is like seeing your friend standing across the room from you.

joi, 10 decembrie 2015

Some myths on the perfect partner : Twin flames?

      Folositi butonul TRANSLATE (colt dreapta sus) pentru limba romana sau alta
      In spiritual communities I often meet single people, especially women, who tell me they always get into the "wrong" relationships or are not finding the right  one, and then conclude that their partner is definitely not in the physical plane.
     A lot of articles about twin flames and soul mates are enhancing the belief in the perfect couple, perfect match made in Heaven, that often seem to "mistake" the entry date and don't manage to come on Earth both at the same time, so one of them gets "stuck" here, always looking for the right partner, but feeling/knowing that he/she is not on Earth...

miercuri, 9 decembrie 2015

How the solar flares could affect you - 5D transformations &WAVE X

"Wave X is the term given by Dr. Simon Atkins to the big wave of electromagnetic frequency that is has been prophesized to arrive on the planet at the end of September this year. There is scientific evidence that proves that electromagnetic frequencies from the sun affect every living thing and its consciousness on the planet. How will Wave X’s electromagnetic and cosmic frequencies affect you?

sâmbătă, 5 decembrie 2015

You always want what does not exist

You (women) always want what does not exist.

      The philosophic conclusion of a pizza-man as I was always asking for the type he didn't have...
      As I explained to him that women are like that, they suddenly change their mind and once you get them one thing they might ask for the other, he concluded this way, labeling the whole species into discontentment.
     Which led me to thinking: is it true that we always want what there is not, or are we asking for the potential possibilities and therefore bring them into being? Cause anything that's ever been created has been in a potential field before coming into being, and someone has wanted it and asked for it until it became...real.
      Are we really undecided and moody, or we are, by our permanent state of demanding, bringing the potential things into creation, therefore pushing the limits of what has so far been created ?
       I'm voting for the second, as my own experience proves that being grateful for what is is one thing, and settling for less than what can be is another...


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