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Angel Detox for Our Planet and Ourselves

Doreen Virtue has been one of my first teachers in Angel Healing and Angel Therapy.
To her teachings I added many others, received from Jasmuheen, Erik Berglund and other healing masters, but in my heart I still hold a place of gratitude and love for the faith she gave me in communing and healing with the angels.
Today I hold healing sessions in which I include Angel Healing and Angel Counselling and angels are very important friends in my life.
As a tribute to Doreen’s work, which I know is useful to many, I share this material on detoxing with the angels:

"I was a young middle school student in San Diego county when Earth Day began in 1970. I remember it was an exciting day, and there were posters and tshirts everywhere announcing this new holiday. Our teachers discussed environmentalism, which was a welcome relief to the previous news about the question, “Will California fall in the ocean?” Seriously, that was the topic of ongoing discussions in newspapers and on news programs back then.

Earth Day is now an annual international event which highlights the necessity of taking care of our precious planet. We each can make a huge positive difference with our shopping choices (buying eco-friendly products, organic food) and lifestyle choices (going solar, reducing waste, recycling, etc.).
There’s a correlation with how we each care for the planet, and how we care for our own bodies. For example, when you switch from using toxic cleaning materials to more eco-friendly varieties, you prevent toxins from entering our soil and your body.

In 1996, I received clear instructions from the angels about how to detox my body so that I could be a clearer vessel of messages for my books and readings. They explained that eating a high-vibrational diet helps us to live a higher vibrational life. This meant choosing foods with a high life-force energy, such as fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

They guided me to stay away from chemicals, especially pesticides. Even though I was on a tight budget back then, and my sons were young, I switched us all to an organic diet. I began reading the labels of everything. The angels told me to stay away from anything that had a label ingredient that I couldn’t pronounce or understand.

I watched my young sons become sweeter, softer, and gentler as a result of our organic diet. Their little-boy aggressiveness virtually vanished when we got away from the harsh energy of pesticides. After all, the angels explained, the word “pesticide” means “kill,” which is about as harsh as you can get.

At first, I bought my cleaning supplies and toiletries at health food stores, until I realized that it’s more economical and earth-and-planet healthy to make your own products. After all, even products sold in health food stores can contain unnecessarily toxic ingredients.

So instead, I use natural and organic essential oils for my homemade household products. These natural antibiotic oils will make your home clean and smelling like a spa. You can buy them at health food stores and online, and they’re more economical when you purchase them in quantities. Some people have allergies to the oils, so pay attention to any sensitivities. You’ll hear multi-level marketing dealers of brand-name oils claim that their oils are superior; but honestly, I find that if you can smell the fragrance strongly in any oil, without any chemical smells, the different brands of oils are comparable.

Here are some of the cleaning supplies and toiletries that I make and use, as I wrote about in my book 
Angel Detox.

Natural house and hand cleaner: Mix filtered water with genuine (not synthetic) tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, and lavender oil in a spray bottle. Vary the amounts and ratios enough to smell the oils strongly with each spray. You can also carry this mixture in a purse size atomizer as a natural hand-cleaner, instead of the commercial hand cleaners which contain the toxic hormone-disrupter, triclosan.

Natural moisturizer: Mix organic olive oil or almond oil with sandalwood and lavender oils, for a fragrant body oil which will absorbs quickly and makes your skin glow.

Natural shaving crème: Mix organic aloe vera gel with your favorite fragrant essential oils.

Natural toothpaste: Mix organic coconut oil with aluminum-free baking soda and peppermint oil.

Natural deodorant: Mix essential oils with aluminum-free baking soda, into a liquid paste. Or add shea butter to the mix, heat it, and when it cools you’ll have a chemical-free solid deodorant.

Taking care of our own bodies and our planet can be economical and a joyful experience! Have a Happy Earth Day, especially since the 
Angel Numbers are 4-22, which means: “The angels are helping you to have great faith.” Doreen Virtue


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