luni, 11 ianuarie 2016

Trust & self-confidence

What is it with people and trust? Have we been disappointed so much so often that we forgot to trust others? Or is the personal lack of self-confidence that is now playing most of humanity always projected outside?
What I mean is: with trust, the outside always reflects the inside, what you believe in, you attract.
One of my patients was telling me: " People are evil, honey, don't give your trust to them so easily, you could always be surprised..." And, of course, what she was attracting were difficult situations in which she was fooled by people, one way or another.

Another one told me: :"I don't trust people to tell me my plans or my activities, not to mention my secrets! I feel they might blame me or disagree with me." And, of course, what he was sending out were signals of energy that created suspicion in others.
And last, but not least, I have so many people who search outside of them for the validation of their qualities, a glimpse of acknowledgement or appreciation, maybe some more Facebook "Likes", when, truly, that acknowledgement only comes from the results and outcomes of your activity and from you acknowledging your own inner light, your own inner greatness!
With trust, the trick is to trust yourself: tot rust that you're good enough, pure-hearted enough to attract the right people and situations into your life. To trust that everything and everyone that is necessary for you is provided at the right time in the right way. Or, if you  don't feel like trusting yourself, you can always start by trusting God/The Universe/Life Force - the energy who created and sustained you so far from the first breath you took.
I was once looking at animals, observing how they are relaxed regarding food and shelter and everything they are: an animal doesn't "pose" wondering if it's liked enough, plus they always trust that nature is providing everything they need, when they need it - it's only human intervention that could change that; but, naturally, everything is held and supported by Nature.
On the other hand, with people, their attraction spam is what matters, and always the amount of trust that you give to your life and Life Force equals the amount of positive, trust-worthy situations you have in your life. 

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