miercuri, 20 ianuarie 2016

The Lure of Expectations

      People sometimes lose themselves in the lure of expectations: "I expected you to do this"; "I expected him/her to be more careful/opened/loving/interested"; "I expect you to pay more attention to my needs" are all labels that we sometimes put on situations, changing their course before they even happen. Cause when we expect someone's reactions to be such and such, we influence the reality an the other's behavior, preventing him from being himself, forcing him to fit in the box of our expectations...And when the box "doesn't fit", some become disappointed.
     In other words, disappointment is always expectations not fulfilled, so the only way to stop being disappointed is to...stop expecting.

    When you let the life flow naked in front of you, without clothing it with your own expectations, it might present to you even greater than you could ever have imagined, even better than you could ever have dreamed of. Of course, that also depends on your attraction point, therefore you attract that which you send out as frequencies and vibrations. So the only thing to do instead of expecting is CHANGING YOUR FREQUENCY, altering your attraction emanations to the point where life flows gracefully to you, bringing at your door more of what's best for you and in a much more beautiful way than you could ever have imagined or...expected.
    To learn more about changing your frequency and your point of attraction, join us for a counselling session or checkout our MIND MASTERY video class.


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