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What is TaoYoga?

          In my practice, I have combined exercises from Healing Taoist Culture and Indian Yoga to heal and improve my general state. I have  practiced them for some years now and finally merged them into a system of exercises that works very good for me, therefore felt like sharing it with others. 
         A great source of inspiration has been Master Mantak Chia's teachings, the founder of the TaoYoga system, but also got inspired by other great masters, who have guided and taught me in these practices. To them I thank and also am happy to share this with those interested in better health and general state of wellbeing. 
          For more  details on what TaoYoga means please check the article below:
"Tao Yoga is a traditional Yogic practice from China that traces its history back to 500 BC.  In ancient times, this art was termed ‘Yang Sheng’ or the ‘Art of Nourishing Life’.  This art has also been called ‘Tao Yin’, or 'Art of Guiding and Leading Energy'.  In contemporary times, this healing art has been termed ‘Taoist Yoga’ or ‘Tao Yoga’ for short. 
Taoist Yoga is the ancient art that has influenced the development of the modern practice of ‘Qigong’.

Tao Yoga cultivates and awakens the "Qi" or Universal Healing Energy within the practitioner; 
Qi can be thought of as the underlying essence of all life and the very fabric of the universe.
The practice of Tao Yoga is a Holistic Life Science which stresses self healing, and cultivation of the Life Force Energy or Chi.  It uses dynamic stretches, static postures, breath training, meditation, visualization, positive thinking and dietary therapy in its practice. 
Tao Yoga is truly ancient wisdom that we may use to enhance our life experience in these stressful modern times.

Tao Yoga gives one a youthful long life, radiant beauty, a soft and flexible body, positive outlook, resistance to disease, the ability of self healing, and the uncovering of one's True Nature.
Tao Yoga practice is easy to learn and anyone can benefit from this ancient wisdom tradition of natural healing and spiritual development.
At a higher level, Tao Yoga helps each of us to discover our True Self and uncover our True Spiritual Nature.
Tao Yoga contains the practice of meditation, Taoist Yoga stretches, gentle flowing movements, breath training, visualization and positive thinking methods.
Tao Yoga is a Natural Science of Life.
At the heart of Tao Yoga is the essence of "Qi" or Universal Healing Energy.
Qi is the Unified Energy Field that empowers, permeates and supports all life, nature and the universe.  When we are able to have abundant Qi we experience health; when our Qi is deficient, we experience sickness and disease.  Qi can also be viewed as the bridge to obtaining mind / body harmony and spiritual awakening.
Tao Yoga opens us to this Universal Healing Energy and causes it to circulate in a smooth, flowing manner through the network of energy channels within the body system -- thus giving one vital health, relaxation, inner peace and self healing."

Watch video for more details (professor teaching at age 65 !):

We are holding TaoYoga classes every monday, 6.30 pm EET. For details, click here:

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