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Optimizing your diet

Optimizing your diet - a few simple steps

             "When you reduce the amount of physical food, the body has two alternatives: to fast, therefore to remain in a state of starving, or be fed alternately, each body with the nutrients it needs.
For example, the physical body requires vitamins, minerals protein and other nutrients that can be obtained either from healthy foods, full of life energy (such as fruits and vegetables harmoniously cooked or raw) or directly from the source of energy from fruit and vegetables (solar / cosmic energy). Optimizing the diet is possible by adjusting the lifestyle so that we align to a higher frequency, a vibration of calm and peace that would  keep you in Alpha state (relaxation of mind) as much as possible, allowing you to feed this way .
Physical exercise is very helpful, movement of any kind (dance, yoga, stretching, tai chi, walking, running), because they allow energy to flow freely through the body and feed cells that otherwise would feel tired and would require carbohydrates and sugars for an energy booster. So, by exercising more often you get chance to eat less and we feel more energized at the same time.

 Those with children are even more blessed in this aspect: they can go out to run in the park together or to dance at home - for children this would be a great joy, and for adults - a huge benefit! Also, those who have pet dogs: instead of letting yourself "dragged" after the pet’s leash by a dog who is eager to play, you can run along with him -  an activity that will bring much joy to both of you.
 The emotional body , on the other hand, does not require physical food (although it sometimes feels excited by certain “culinary bonuses” that we offer ourselves). This body feeds smoothly when we take care of ourselves, in a loving state towards our own person: when we take a relaxing bath, when we receive a massage, when we stay outside in nature or listen to harmonious, comforting music, then it is fed and happy.
The mental body is excited about the new and quality information: to study a new field of activity, new techniques, maybe details about the human body, about the cosmos or aspects in your area of activity, to learn, to read or watch a quality documentary, are elements that nourish this body.
Often the hunger of the mental body (the need for new information, of personal development, of letting go on the old mental patterns and junk information) is mistaken for physical hunger, and then people tend to eat more or unhealthy on a sense of dissatisfaction at this level.
 Therefore, when we go into a process of diet harmonization and move towards easier food, we can support it by making sure that all our bodies are fed properly: to choose fresh, live foods is a delight for our physical body and helps us keep our whole system in-shape. In order to easily conquer the culinary “temptations” and to have a state of contentment and satisfaction in the process – that can eventually become a new lifestyle – we should enjoy and provide the necessary food for each body: physical, emotional and mental."

Fragment from the book GET SEDUCED BY YOUR OWN LIFE .

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