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This course is a gift to men that want to improve their relationships and women that want to feel more beautiful and loved.

For the men, it is the key to understanding and improving their relationship to women; for women, it brings the refining and improvement of their femininity and beauty.

Part 1: 11 am - 2 pm
 - how to visualize your feminine side
 - how to reconnect to your feminine side
 - how to perceive her messages
 - what enhances and what blocks your femininity
 - how to understand and fulfill her core requests;
 - practical exercises of visualisation and energizing the feminine side.

A long neglected aspect, your femininity now asks for its rights. By paying attention to its needs and taking good care of it, by learning how to recognize and let it shine, you give yourself the greatest gift.

 Part 2 : 3 pm - 6 pm
One of the most important aspects in relating to your feminine side is how you know and make use of your sexual energy. That is the force that gives life and moves the entire body and universe.
The energy practices, the various holistic techniques (Reiki, Yoga, Tai Chi, ChiKung etc.) increase the whole energy of the body, including sexual energy. Therefore, for those who don't have a partner -  but also for those who do and want a more harmonious relationship - it's useful to know ways of transforming and harmoniously master this inner energy.

 - locating and visualising /feeling your sexual energy;
 - ways of using and channeling this energy through the body;
 - beauty secrets;
 - food choices and their impact on sexuality (how to increase or calm it down);
 - easy physical exercises from 3 different spiritual traditions.

The date will be announced.

We recommend a comfortable outfit, that allows you to relax.

Full course 115 USD.

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Cristiana Dragomir 
Terapeut holistic & Coach
Tel: 0746 165 813

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