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Just found this interesting article which explains a little what I do. And because it's written with great accuracy, I'll jst posti it here.
Also, with channeling, it is true that we can channel beings of love and light but we can also channel a higher vibe, our own, true, divine nature speaking through this body. That is the highest state of being a channel and from there all loving energies are accessible. For we are, indeed, channels of light and love, cosmic generators, transmission stations for cosmic energy in and through us.
The key for being a good channel is intention -  what motivated all my shifts in life for the last years was being a clean, the purest channel possible - and that lead to great changes!
It is always necessary to call in a light column and intend that we always only connect to the purest love and light and that only the beings that act for our highest good may connect telepathically to us - that is a good filter in everyday life,too.
For more on this see the below:


What is channelling? Channeling is the process of telepathic communication between a being of higher consciousness, and a human being on Earth, here in the physical realm.
When channeling, a human (the channel) essentially acts like a telephone, allowing spiritual beings of higher consciousness (angels, ascended masters, star beings, and guides) to communicated through them.
Whom speaks thorough the channel, is up to the discretion of the channel and what they allow. This brings me to the interesting point of the difference between a medium and a channel. What is the difference? It is the medium and the channel.

Mediumship Versus Channeling

Channels or channelers typically focus their efforts on bringing through the guidance of higher vibrational beings, while mediums typically deliver the guidance of deceased loved ones and ancestors who once lived in the physical realm, and are now present within the realms of spirit.
In the case of both mediums, and channels, a link is made with the realms of spirit, and the channeling can begin.
In terms of channeling, since this is our focus here, the channel and the being of higher consciousness telepathically communicate. There is no possession or attachment taking place here, rather the higher consciousness of the angel, ascended master, or guide, speaks in pure light, love, light and energy.
The one who is the channel, receives this message and essentially translates it into words, concepts, and language which can be understood. In addition, the message is backed by frequency from the being of light, love, and hopefully higher consciousness, which can then be felt, experienced, and understood by those those who experience, read, or listen to the channeled material.
The channeled teachings from beings of higher consciousness, like angels and ascended masters, are transmitted through pure energy, through feeling, love, and frequency. This energy is then translated by the channel into words, which can then be felt, heard, read, and understood.
Getting a bit more specific here, when I channel I receive an incredible frequency and energy of love and light from the angels, guides, and ascended masters whom I allow to speak through me. In addition to the energy, I receive one word at a time. When I speak the word I am given, another word follows, and one word at a time, the beautiful messages, teachings, and wisdom you find shared here on this site appears.
There are really a ton of other people channeling messages, who you can find by searching the web, searching Google if you will.

Discernment with Channeling

Take note, to please use your sense of discernment when listening and reading channeled messages from me, and from anyone else. Some channelers are bringing through pure Divine light, and messages which are filled with the energy of the higher realms, with higher vibrations of love and light, and others are not…
When reading, tuning into, or listening to a channeled message, do you find truth in the words? If so… Take it and implement it in your life and experience. Is it uplifting? Is it empowering? Does it feel good?
If not… Leave it behind. Discretion really is key here.
Use your subtle senses of seeing, hearing, sensing, and knowing to understand if a channeled message is true, is real, and is for you at this time. If not, just move on. Leave it behind, and step into what is real, true, valid, and uplifting for you here and now.
If you’re reading this post because you are currently learning to channel… Don’t be afraid, but please do use caution. Your vibration acts like a beacon… Are you in fear and doubt? These are the types of beings you will attract, and the energy they will broadcast… and yes, they can be tricky.
Before you channel, come up with a practice to elevate your vibration, and link directly with the Divine and with the realms of love and light, which will by nature repel any beings of lower vibration (they really go to lengths to avoid love and light so this is an excellent cloak of protection).
Avoid negative entities. If a being strokes your ego… or causes you any reason to fear BEWARE. Release them into the light, surround yourself with Divine love and light and move on.
Beings of the lower realms can offer psychic predictions *with great accuracy. But honestly, you’re better off without them. I really, strongly recommend you only work with beings of Divine love, light, and wisdom from the higher realms. This is my intention and practice…"

Source of the article between "": http://www.ask-angels.com/spiritual-guidance/channeling/


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