miercuri, 30 decembrie 2015

Venice and its subtle waters - a prose poem

As I walk in Venice I am always taught of the walking on waters and the miraculous worlds underneath. I am amazed to find my Atlanthean worlds waiting for and unfolding for me here.
Every walk along the waters reveals more and more of my communication with this secret civilization, one living beside us but on a different frequency band (zone), luring me with its joy and beauty, but also with stories of an ancient, ancient past.
They expect me to be there, welcoming me and enjoying my presence, just as much as I enjoy theirs. A luscious world...
The clear, blue waters shelter this magnificent civilization, just a thin vibrational wall shielding it from the gallons of water that float about the Mediterranean sea.
A luscious decadence of joy, wealth and beauty, welcoming warm faces and embracing applause every time my consciousness dwells upon them, making me more present to their realm. I am entitled to be there, just as much as they are entitled to welcome and wait for me. I am one of theirs, just as much as I belong to any other world I might focus upon.
The underwater worlds are a precious gift the reality gives me as I come back to it from the endless dream of dreaming the worlds. Or is it just another dream?
It all is...

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