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How to Support a Child with Psychic Abilities

"Psychically gifted children are becoming more and more the norm today. They’re not weird, dangerous, or anything like that… They simply perceive reality in a different way, and through their expanded senses often have access to increased information when compared to most other people.
Just about everyone has some psychic ability, the difference is that psychic children have abilities that are strong and pronounced from an early age so they’re noticed. Psychic kids often appear bright, and tend to share insightful truths about life from an early age.

But for many children, strong psychic gifts that they cannot deny, block, or understand leads to confusion, fear, overwhelm, wanting to withdraw from life and feeling outcast or isolated from friends and family. Additionally, many psychic children are incredibly sensitive and empathic, and when they’re unable to block tuning into strong emotions of others, they’re left feeling vulnerable, confused, or hurt as a result.
I’ve written about signs your child is psychic here. But the question remains… How can you help the psychic children in your life to not only cope with and manage their psychic abilities so they can turn them into psychic gifts?
Psychic children are born with abilities for a reason, and usually have a very important mission and purpose for being alive in the physical. So how can we support psychically gifted children in a way that serves them and helps them to align with joy, love, and with the truth of their purpose?
There’s no one solution here… Really it comes down to awareness, love, and open communication. Here are some additional ways to help!

1. Listen!

Truly listening without judgement or ridicule is one of the best ways to support a psychic child. Do your best to create an open line of communication where they feel safe to freely share their experiences with you. Do your best to keep an open mind and don’t discount what they say, or react to what they share with fear, worry, disbelief, or embarrassment. If you do respond in such a manner, it is likely the child will shut down and stop sharing their experiences with you completely. As a result, the child may internalize what they’re going through, or suppress their abilities, and as a byproduct their creativity, exuberance, and light as well.
Casually validating their experiences and further inquiring is a great way to help create a safe space for them to share. Comments such as, “That sounds very interesting, how did it make you feel?”, “Interesting, you picked up just what I was thinking”, “Share more with me about your dream and what about it makes you think it will come true?”
Notice the difference between the comments above and remarks like … “Oh honey, it was just a dream, it’s not real”, “That’s weird”, “You have such a vivid imagination” “How scary…”, or “You must have been terrified.”…  The first comments create a safe space for sharing, while the second leads to feelings of isolation, distrust, and can even trigger anger.
Don’t try to force a child to talk to you about their experiences or anything like that, just be open minded, gently inquisitive, and ready to support them if they do.

2. Help them See Their Experience Is Normal

Psychic children are often made to feel like having psychic abilities is weird, bad, or something to worry about. Help your child to see that many other children and adults have had similar experiences, and that it’s completely normal… If anything special to have abilities like they do.
Let your child know that there are lots of people with abilities like theirs and that you’re willing to help find resources, studies, and schools that help people to manage and develop their psychic abilities and get answers to questions they may have about their experiences.
Obtain books like Raising Intuitive Children, the Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Kids who see Ghosts, Return from Heaven, and the Sid Series to support your child, and support yourself in mentoring and parenting them.

3. Ask What They Feel Will Help

If your child is struggling with nightmares, fear, or anything else surrounding their psychic abilities, ask them what they think will help them.
Psychic children often know just what they need to manage their energy and cope with their emerging gifts. Sometimes something as simple as a nightlight can ease the burden of seeing spirits at night, or carrying crystals in their pockets can help them from picking up the energy of others.
Some children may benefit from keeping plants in their bedroom, sleeping with the radio on, or any other number of things. Ask them what they need… And then be sure to listen.

4. Invite In the Help of Angels

Archangel Metatron is a wonderful ally to call upon to help the psychic child in your life, as one of his specialties is helping psychic and sensitive children.
Also, let your child know that they have guardian angels who can help them manage and deal with anything that comes their way.
Teach your child to invite in the help of angels before bed, or anytime they feel lonely, afraid, or confused… And help them to know that they are safe, and that love and light are more powerful than any darkness, and that scary ghosts, or anything else they encounter are no match for the angels light.
You can also introduce them to angel meditations, as a way to help them fall asleep, or surround them with increased love and light.

5. Psychic Protection

It’s important for psychic children to understand the basics of psychic protection… Make sure they know they are safe already, but psychic protection can keep them from feeling energetically drained, and taking on the energy and emotions of others without knowing it.
A super simple psychic protection technique I recommend is simply surrounding themselves in an orb of light. Imagining and calling in a bubble of light to surround their energy, and keep any negativity or energy of others out.
There are other psychic protection techniques, plus an expanded description of how to use the orb of light protection technique that I have written about… To access this post click here!

6. Healthy Choices

For psychic children, being overly sensitive is often a huge issue you can help them with, by eliminating toxins from their home, and diet.
Switching to natural detergents, cleaning solutions, and shampoos while also limiting sugar, removing artificial ingredients, processed foods, and dyes from their diet can have a surprisingly powerful effect on their emotional state and overall well-being.

7. Keep a Journal of Experiences

Encouraging psychic children to journal about their experiences, dreams and cognition’s is a great way to see patterns over time, and learn to distinguish the meaning of different experiences as well as when and why psychic impressions seem to come.
When psychic experiences happen, write them down as soon as possible when the experience is fresh, and the most accurate description will be conveyed. You may also want to write down what was happening around the time of the experience, as psychic impressions often happen when there is little other mental distraction, like just before bed, when really tired, riding in the car, or daydreaming.
Journaling about experiences leads to increased awareness, understanding, and is valuable for developing, deciphering, and revealing the true nature and purpose of psychic abilities and gifts.

8. Keep It In Perspective

Psychic abilities are a part of a psychic child’s life… They’re not their entire life. Just because your child has psychic abilities from an early age doesn’t mean their life’s purpose is to be a professional psychic.
They have many other sides of themselves to learn, develop, and a unique life path to walk and discover why they’re really here.
Let your child be a child, get messy, play, make mistakes, and learn just as any other child does. This is key to helping them to find what is their joy, love and purpose in life. This may be psychic work, or their psychic abilities may end up playing a supporting role in whatever it is they are inspired, driven and called to do.

9. Just Be Silly And Have Fun With Them!

If your child does want to focus on developing and learning about their psychic abilities, this is great, just make sure they still have time to play, time to read, time to be creative, and time to be silly.
Let your relationship be an opportunity to nurture YOUR inner child, and be playful and silly together.
Well rounded experience is key for developing as a human, as well as developing psychically.
You can help your child to see that just like learning to ride a bike, or play the piano, they can also learn to develop their psychic abilities, and gain greater accuracy and control.
If they want to focus on developing psychically, keep it fun! Go through the process with them, listen to meditations together, and work with psychic development exercises with them too.
Simple games with cards, like guessing the color of the card to start, or choosing a page on a magazine and before looking see if you can both tell the main color of the image on the page.
Whatever you do, don’t put pressure on them. Psychic experiences often happen spontaneously, and if you try to recreate them, or force them to perform, it may cause them to shut down or close off to you completely.

10. Use Discretion Regarding If and When to Tell Others

Share with your children that their friends, and friends parents may have a hard time understanding their psychic gifts, and recommend they follow their heart as to when to share and tell, and when not to.
Let them take the lead here about when to share with their friends, or yours… Remember they’re psychic, and with the awareness that some people may not be open to their abilities they usually will have good judgement about when to share and when not to."
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