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Some myths on the perfect partner : Twin flames?

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      In spiritual communities I often meet single people, especially women, who tell me they always get into the "wrong" relationships or are not finding the right  one, and then conclude that their partner is definitely not in the physical plane.
     A lot of articles about twin flames and soul mates are enhancing the belief in the perfect couple, perfect match made in Heaven, that often seem to "mistake" the entry date and don't manage to come on Earth both at the same time, so one of them gets "stuck" here, always looking for the right partner, but feeling/knowing that he/she is not on Earth...

In that respect, we have seen that:
     1. The partner you've chosen at a certain moment was always the perfect one: it was the right energy  for what you could attract at that moment and it has either brought you the gift of joy, or it has brought you the gift of learning(or sometimes both), but it sure was a choice with a gift. Because the Law of Resonance or The Law of Attraction work perfectly and you can only attract in your field something or someone that is useful for you in some way for your evolution and growth.
     2. If you've been single or attracting difficult relationships for a while, then you might want to check with your programs re relationships: what are you beliefs in this field? how have you been imprinted? do you really want to be in a relationship, and do you really believe it's possible for you to be happy that way?
A Soul Healing session helps finding and reprogramming these convictions and finding the cause of how relationships are manifesting for you.
      3. Any energy that is necessary for you in a certain moment can be attracted in a "human" partner when you come towards eachother as Divine Self to Divine Self. From that perspective, love opens all doors to all the energies you might need, you are both unlimited, therefore whatever is perfect for you (the features of the perfect partner) will manifest through him and viceversa. There are no limits in True Love, when an union is complete...
      Therefore, if the belief that the perfect partner is not here in this dimension for you helps you in any way, you might keep it, but if it has brought you discontentment so far, you might want to look at it again and search for the causes of how the relationship field has manifested for you :)

For couple harmony, we've created the YIN YANG BALANCE & UNION guided meditation, that deals with  healing and balancing the yin and yang energies inside you and heals and restructures your inner masculine an feminine energies, as well as the relationship with your partner and other masculine and feminine representatives in your life.

For more on couple and relationships, but also on ways to manifest from a higher energy point, see also the GET SEDUCED BY YOUR OWN LIFE book.

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