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How to perceive angels

Seeing Angels

'Many people have the idea that seeing angels is similar to seeing other people, except angels of course have ornate wings and halos… The reality however, is that the natural state of angels is pure spirit, high vibrational frequency, and light.
For this reason, seeing angels is usually more like seeing flashes of light, orbs, or streaks of luminescent color, than it is like seeing your friend standing across the room from you.

Angels can however take many forms, and yes, they do sometimes manifest as physical beings, and other times they appear with halos and wings.
Angels may also look to you like a beautiful person surrounded with a glowing light, they may appear as a light orb, as shimmering light, as a glowing outline, or they may simply manifest in your awareness as high vibrational Love energy.
Common ways to see and perceive angels include in a meditative state, as an intellectual understanding, in an internal vision, through peripheral vision, in a dream or in the hypnogogic state (that state between being awake and sleeping).
To give you an example, I see Archangel Metatron as the most beautiful field of purple, gold and pink energy, spiraling geometric forms, and Divine Presence. I started seeing Metatron in this way internally, while meditating or channeling, but with continued awareness, I now notice Metatron in plain sight, and often out of the corner of my eye.

Seeing Angels In Nature

You can see angels… Sometimes it’s just a matter of knowing where to look! The angels have often told me: “Look for us in nature.“
This really works!
Go to a beautiful place in nature, where you can relax and spend a little while. Ask your angels to enter into your present space, and to help you to tune into their presence.
Next, gaze softly into a grove of trees, a field of flowers, a flowing river, or a clear blue lake… Relax, and just be present admiring the beauty of nature all around you. A soft non-attached gaze is key.
Be aware, breathe, and pay attention. Do you notice a little shimmer out of the corner of your eye, is there a mental impression of an angel which appears almost like a memory, or maybe sparkles of light suddenly seem to dance across the grass, or through the trees?… You just saw angels!
This may seem too subtle at first, and you may want more… Keep practicing, raising your vibration, paying attention and through this seeing and knowing the presence of your angels will become more clear, real and vivid."

Cristiana Dragomir Eltrayan
Holistic Therapist & Life Coach
 (Soul Healing)  
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