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Motto: "What would be best: fulfilling all your wishes, or transcending your greatest one?"
Samsara - the movie

Well, this seems to be the core dilemma at the center of many spiritual seekers...As many traditions have taught us about transcendence, when one "embarks" on his spiritual path, he seems to embrace the need to "give it all up" and many find themselves highly ungrounded after a time of intense spiritual practice.
Being able to not get profoundly impacted or imbalanced by the changes in your life, or the "external" world is one thing, yet filling compelled to detached from "worldly" joy in order to feel spiritual is another. We are here for the JOY. External is a reflection of the internal. Our ability to bring and hold light into matter (or to maintain the focus that matter is light, by mere observation) seems to be the key for this new era. The creation of "Heaven on Earth" begins with the acknowledging of Earth as Heaven, of our body as temples, of worldly activities as divine expressions of our light-being nature.

Everything about this world's expression: relationships, sexuality, emotions, food family is a way four our Divine Self to experience this physical dimension. Depriving ourselves of those might be denying this experience to your Self, that has chosen them for a reason.
As long as we hold conscious attention and conscious commitment to our Divine Self expressions, every experience is divine and everything we might be "curious" to experiment is available to us, as co-creators.


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