marți, 24 noiembrie 2015

Dive deeper, love stronger, open your heart wider...

I sometimes see people living by routine most of the time: running around, doing their deeds, spinning thoughts in their head - most of the time in their head. And when an unusual event gets them back to their heart (maybe the death of a dear one, the birth of a child, maybe falling in love), it's like they're stripped bare, pants pulled down without a notice, they don't know what to do and most of them get scared, trying to escape back in their head or back intro the quotidian again...
But that's just the first shot, and once you've opened your heart again it's gonna keep on coming...wink emoticon

Some of us come into this world with a love so pure, so superhuman, that - to some - this is almost frightening...And as their hearts get broken, some of us confine themselves never to open again, as they have not known fear or rejection in the realms they came from...Yet, some others of us are called to stay open, love wider, expand their hearts bolder, as we can see there's really no such thing as fear or rejection in THIS field of love.And so it is!

Cristiana Dragomir Eltrayan  
Holistic Therapist & Coach
 (Soul Healing)  
Tel:+4 0746 165 813
Youtube: Cristiana Dragomir Eltrayan 

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