vineri, 27 noiembrie 2015

The Rich Romania - Romania cea bogata

Some people think of Romania as of a poor country. But it's not really a poor country, it's just that the resources are not well distributed and people have a poverty mentality. The country, though, is actually very rich: lots of gold and riches in the soil, all forms of relief, all available seasons to grow good crops, rich fertile soil to plant crops in, good, healthy, healing waters and all the seven energy centers connected to the Planetary Anahata...
Actually, the riches of this country are very well other nations!
But people are rich of heart, and when this richness of the heart will be distributed to the other centers, people in Romania will actually be able to live richer lives. 
I'm not saying this out of nationalism, I love all countries and all nations are one, but it's just that I love this place just as much as I love Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Africa, Brazil and other countries I've connected with along the way. 
There is a time for gathering and a time for enjoying what we've gathered, so the time will soon come. And it's just how it is. 


Cristiana Dragomir Eltrayan  
Holistic Therapist & Coach
 (Soul Healing)  
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