sâmbătă, 7 noiembrie 2015

Attention to children

Children not having received enough attention in their early childhood, they always play two roles as adults, searching for energy:
The distant: the one who pretends not to be interested, plays the cold/tough guy, always hiding feelings, most of the time betraying his heart's call;
The victim:  the one always complaining, blaming or moaning, in an unhappy pose, in search of some compassion or attention.
Both of the roles are equally destructive in relationships, and really unnecessary, as there's enough energy for all in this big Universe and there's no need to play roles to get it from another person.
There's still much to be said about this, and it's the kind of situation that can eventually be easily resolved in a Soul Healing session, but, as parents, please always make sure you take time for your children, always put them first: their physical and emotional health depends on it.


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