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Darkroom Retreat: A Light-full Mystical Experience

For the last few years many spiritual experinces brought me special gifts, as my soul, thirsting for that "More" that I intuitively felt to be profoundly freeing, has sought for the lively elixir of the Divine Gifts.
The strongest and the most gilftful experience, was , though, by far, the experience called Darkroom Retreat, that consisted in ten days of meditation and therapy exercises all made in a room in complete...darkness .
In darkness?How come? - some might ask...
So I feel compelled to explain that there have been created in this world places especially designed for those who wish to experience the retreats that were specific to the tibetan and orthodox monks, Indian yogis and Chinese mystics - but without the discomfort of the threats of snakes, scorpios and freezing cold of the caves where these ones used to meditate .
In such a place I sought for my rest and healing, and a closer approach to THE ONE I AM, for ten days, having as food  - for some days - just natural fruit juice and- for other days -  light only. For one of the most exciting discoveries of such an experience is that in darkness you can at times find more light than...on daylight, a light such strong that no corner of your being can stay hidden from yourSelf...
And then it begins!...
In day-to-day life we often have many corners in which we can "hide" from...ourSelf, if we choose to: in meetings with our friends, in endless phone talks, in watching movies or videos, in social networks, internet, excessive eating and more.Corners that comfortably embrace us in the mist of self-forgetting, for it is easy not to be fully conscious of what you are and what you manifest when you totally loose yourself in the "external" worlds...But when you choose to retreat with ONLY yourSelf, and especially if you choose a place that allows no "escape", then the inner light semnalizes to you all the aspects that you have hidden from yourself and that you need confront in order to overcome them.It is a brave exercise - some would say - but absolutely necessary for lighting up all the aspects that have been creating difficulties to you and that lead you to autosabotage.
Getting back to the darkroom, I felt blessed to find such a space for retreat, where no distraction is allowed (And when I say "distraction" I am referring to being distracted from meeting yourSelf and the ones who can guide you in this introspection. For when you decide to look inside yourself, the Masters that are guiding you and that have been waiting for you to want to hear them appear to lead you and to light-up your way...)
A space- therefore -totally deprived of the possibility of communicating with the outside by telephone or internet, no books or videogames, no walks or meetings with friends from the external world, where the only thing left to do is INTROSPECTION. I had - and I'm grateful to say it -  the blessing of being guided in this inner journey by Masters who are specialized in this type of actions, for whom the state of  a Tibetan Lama is their real nature, and the social interaction - just a role they do,out of compassion.Under their guidance I found gates in the inner worlds that, once opened, revealed to me truths that can be entirely believed just by direct experience. For once one enters beyond the limitative veils of body and mind , a whole world opens , and the natural state of the multidimensionality of our being becomes a reality just as "touchable' as it is - for some of us, now - the sensation of being human.
The gates of the inner cosmos reveal worlds of infinitely more beauty than the one for which, with such headstrongness, we sometimes fight -  the physical world.Cosmical worlds of a such brightfullness and  limitedness that they enchant the soul to such extent, that nothing of what is normally perceived here (in the physical world) could ever seem essential...To be aware of the fact that our being is parrallely activating in all the planes of existance, like a divine ray that goes through many layers, having in each one of them a certain appearance or "colour" -  without ever being separated from the source it sprung from and without losing, in any moment, any of its divine properties -  is such a profound release from the feeling that here and now is our only "mode" of manifesation, or that any of the things we fight for is of any importance for our Essence...
The multidimensionality, once "tasted", profoundly reveals the aspect that every "important" event is just a blink of an eye in the eons of time that we activate in.
I, therefore, had the occasion of  going through lives and times in which I was maybe caught in the "compassion for the humans" mannifestation game, aspects of mine that thought that life on Earth is sufference and that people should be saved by that sufference through my actions.Times in which I maybe felt that life on Earth is a space of penitence, where the ones that have incarnated here came "to learn" or "to pay", and where only the celestial beings could bring the elliberation from all that.A great gift of this retreat was that, by noticing these aspects, I managed to come at peace with those beliefs and to acknowledge that life on Earth is also structured in layers, and that all the forms od existance are possible, from the densest and most difficult ones to the most lightfull, that create Paradise on Earth.I received the gift of feeling and believing that Paradise on Earth is a possibility and a choice, and not only an aspiration for a far away future moment.
I had and I keep the feeling that through daily steps and lifestyle choices -  based on the question:" Is this choice beneficial for myself and the ones around me?" - we can create this paradisian aspect in every moment,and that it is weaving through all the other truths we believe about this planet and that it is begining to shine stronger and stronger with every conscious choice of the beings that seak for light...
I express, therefore, all my gratitude to those who have guided me through this and I might feel to continue the series of revealing this experience that for me has totally changed the paradigms in which I was functioning - by not allowing me to manifest, in any moment, another tendency than that of being a channel for Light...

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