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The power of words - creating realities

For many years we spoke of words and how they create. Many did understand, yet some didn't, by saying "I'm just playing"...
As creating realities is not a game, our place as co-creators is to mind our words and choose those magic sentences that create enlightenment and state the truth in all situations.
Finally, a book is issued that proves the impact of words in a scientific manner. 
I rejoyce :)

Here's an excerpt:
"It’s more important than ever right now to choose only high-vibrational words, because you are SO powerful that you can mis-manifest any negative words into reality. This is the topic of my book, Angel Words, which my son Grant and I wrote after seeing a computer graph of words I was speaking into a podcast that he was recording.

When I said the word “Angel” during the podcast, Grant stopped me and said, “Mom this word angel looks like it has wings!”

Angel waveform
Here is the graph for the word Angel

So, Grant and I studied how words that we speak look on computer graphics. We soon found a clear pattern: positive words showed stronger and higher vibrations, while negative words have small and constricted vibrations. These graphs provide visual evidence for the energy power of positive words!

We also put stories in Angel Words about people who changed their lives by changing their vocabulary. For example, a business owner had low sales until she realized she’d been complaining about the economy and affirming that she’d never make money. Immediately, she began to say, “Business is great! Business is booming! This place is a gold mine.” and her sales instantly increased.

Here is what her negative affirmations looked like on the computer graphics:

Never be rich waveform
Here is the graph for “Never be rich”

And here is what her new positive affirmations which led to actual abundance looked like:

Gold Mine waveform
Here is the graph for “Gold Mine”

In Angel Words you’ll see hundreds of computer graphs for positive words such as:

Love Peace and Healthy waveforms

You’ll see how high-vibrational those words are compared to negative words such as:

Worry Fear Sick waveform

The startling contrast between positive and negative words shows us what we’ve already known and felt: that choosing high-vibrational words opens the door to abundance, health, happiness, love, and other goodness. You DO have the power to choose positive words! When you say that you are healthy, you are feeding your body with high-vibrations." 
Quotes by Doreen Virtue

Holistic Therapist & Life Coach
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