joi, 25 decembrie 2014

How to heal your soul-The Inspiration Show

"On this episode of The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with holistic therapist and soul healing coach, Cristiana Dragomir. Cristiana joins Natalie to discuss the outstanding works she’s doing by helping people to achieve a balance between their body, mind and soul though her coaching program ‘The Luscious Lifestyle’. During the show, Cristiana explains that she was once all about achieving business success until she realized she had lost touch with her soul, and her health started deteriorating. She also shares what the most important things were that she implemented in her daily life to turn it around, which are the same principles she now uses to help people find the fulfillment their soul’s are looking for." The Inspiration Show

Details on The Luscious Lfestyle Program and how to subscribe, here:

Tel: 0746 165 813

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