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The Luscious Lifestyle Program - WEBINARS

 What would motivate you to transform your life?

The Luscious Lifestyle Program is  created to help you discover simple and efficient methods for for raising your vibration and the optimization of every aspect in your life: relationships, career, health, wealth, couple, wellbeing, spirituality.  Also, it facilitates tuning in more to the sacred flows of The Divine Feminine.
We'll hold the online workshops every Sunday, 8 pm EET/10 am PDT (check here with your timezone
Should you not be able to attend some of the workshops we'll e-mail them to you after the online meeting, and you can communicate your questions via e-mail with the facilitator.

Watch this short interview to learn more on this program and our activity:

 This program is presented as eleven online meetings, webinars of 1h30 each.


 -  life clarity: how to get clarity with your decisions - Sunday, March 1 2015, 8  pm EET

-  extraordinary relationships and how to maintain them - Sunday, March 8 2015, 9  pm EET

 - meditation - self-acknowledging and self-observing - Sunday, March 15 2015, 8  pm EET

 - prayer /quantum field connection - Sunday, March 22 2015, 8  pm EET

 - mind mastery - deprogramming and reprogramming the mind - Sunday, March 29 2015, 8  pm EET

 -  diet optimization - Sunday, April 5 2015, 8  pm EET

 -  body harmonization - the right exercise and care for your body - Sunday, April 12 2015, 8  pm EET

  -  the selfless service - the contribution to community - Sunday, April 19 2015, 8  pm EET

 -  the benefits of silence and connecting to nature - Sunday, April 26 2015, 8  pm EET

 - music as a means for wellness - Sunday, May 3 2015, 8  pm EET

 - the program's feed-back and additional themes + Q&A-Sunday, May 10 2015, 8  pm EET

 We all want a fulfilled life: inner balance, inner peace, harmonious relationships, abundance, wealth, the perfect career... And because many of us are still caught in the game of stress and deadlines of any kind, this goal seems a little hard to get.
How can you transform your inner state so that our life is full of fulfillment?
You find out by participating to THE LUSCIOUS LIFESTYLE PROGRAM*

   Pricing The attendance fee for every meeting is 15 USD.  SPECIAL OFFER  The total fee for the whole program is 165 USD. For those who subscribe for the whole 11 weeks of the program you have a total discount of 30% (50 USD) for the whole program. So the fee  in special offer is 115 USD ( 10.46 USD/ each session ). To subscribe for the whole program, click here:

To subscribe for each meeting (WEEKLY PAYMENT OF $15), click here:

For a two-rate payment the total fee is 130 USD. Click here for the two-rate monthly payment.

After the subscription payment just let us know at and you'll receive the link to our webinars.

 Should you not be able to attend all webinars, the recording will be e-mailed to you..

  The Luscious Lifestyle Program has been channeled by Jasmuheen, international lecturer and author on personal and spiritual transformation themes.
Painting: Divne Cosmic Mother, by Jasmuheen


Cristiana Dragomir  
Holistic Therapist & Coach
 (Soul Healing)  
Tel:+4 0746 165 813
Youtube: Cristiana Dragomir  

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