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Is spirituality still tabu ?

What is it with some people and spirituality an why do so many practice it but avoid talking about it?
Is it that generations after generations have been burned on a stake a while ago, or they just don't want their friends to mock them for meditating or praying? And when did being non-spiritual has become a filter for being accepted?
Why am I saying this?
Because I see many people going to spiritual workshops, reading spiritual books and having a daily spiritual practice, but they avoid posting anything about it or talking to friends about it, like it's a hidden subject, a tabu for the society around them. Well, if social media is a way of showing who you are, why would you keep that side of you hidden? Do some only want to show what's acceptable for society, an why would you think spirituality isn't?
Through direct research, I have managed to find some answers to this:

     Many people who think this way came from very "down to earth" families, where they were taught they should get a "good" job, raise a family and "stay grounded", to be accepted by mom and dad; and everything that would not fit in these lines would scare them to death. So, they obey the subconscious family principles.
    Some others have had not-so-happy experiences with so-called spiritual people, and they now associate anything in this field with those experiences, avoiding anything that comes close to this subject.
    Some others just have friends that have never felt/ heard of what it means to connect to a higher power, so they are convinced that disclosing their spiritual experiences would cast them away in "the island of the lonely",
And there's much more to it...
But, to get to the core of this, we would just say that who you are and what makes you happy dictates the kind of people that gather around you. If you like to meditate, pray, take time in silence communing with nature or some other activities that some would consider "spiritual", than that's just who you are and there's no point trying to fit in a different costume just to be liked by the people in your life. Maybe some would continue to like you exactly how you are, maybe some would get out of your life, making room for something more alligned to your preferences, but you are as you are and you shouldn't be afraid to show it!
If you just follow society trends, you might end-up just as lonely and frustrated as most of the society is. If you dare to create or integrate into new ones (trends), this might positively change your life and even joyfully impact those around you.
If they stay :) .

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