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DID YOU KNOW Your Energetic Frequency Influences the Reality Around You?

     "Numerous studies have shown that a conscious or sentient being, like a person, can change what happens to another object by affecting that object’s energy. Dr. William Braud’s research is one such study with very compelling evidence.
Dr. Braud and his colleagues at the Mind Science Foundation in San Antonio designed and conducted some of the most ingenious and rigorous “bio-PK” experiments (“Bio-PK” is the study of how psychokinesis affects other biological organisms).

One of Dr. Braud’s many experiments showed that people could slow down the rate that red blood cells die in a lab dish. Though the effect was small, the results proved significant beyond chance and were replicable by other scientists. This proved that our thoughts and energy directly affects the things around us!

   A Simple Shift in Your Energetic Frequency Can Have an Instant and
Dramatic Impact On EVERY Aspect of Your Life

You see, it’s not just other biological organisms that people’s energetic frequency 
can affect. People can also positively or negatively affect the energy of objects. A
 stone in the room of a negative person for example, vibrates lower on the Scale than
 say a stone that is in the room of a Zen Master.
Another fascinating research study that shows evidence of people affecting the
 energy of objects, is the famous one done by Dr. Masaru Emoto.
In his spectacular study, Dr. Emoto took water and exposed it to different objects
 and environments. What he did was project a thought onto a glass of water, or 
put the water next to a specific object. Then the water was frozen and the resulting
 water crystals were observed under the microscope.

Amazingly, when a glass of water had a piece of paper with a written word of 
high energetic frequency like “Love” stuck to it, the water crystals formed
 beautiful patterns that were pure in color and in perfect symmetry.
More on scientific studies on alternate therapies and the dynamics of healing, here .
Your life is the same.
After all, your body is made up of mostly water. It is involved in every bodily 
function, and makes up 70- 75% of your total body weight. Your thoughts are having
 a direct influence on your body. This we know, but the larger picture is that your
 thoughts are having a direct influence on everything in your life. What do
 you think happens to you when your thoughts and energy are primarily set in
 tune to the Universal Energy?
Yes, your vibrational frequency will attract emotions and physical manifestations 
of things that vibrate at the same frequency.
If your energetic frequency is low, you’ll be attracting into your life disruption 
and difficulties.
But if you shift your energetic frequency to higher levels, you’ll start attracting a life
 that serves you, one aligned with your true, whole self. Life will suddenly become
 so much easier—and you—so much happier.
Now, while we still don’t have the specifics of how this works, the important thing
 is that the evidence clearly shows that it does work. Just knowing how to 
shift your energetic frequency to harness this power into your life is what really
 matters. " Source
With Soul Healing we change the mental patterns and the energy field patterns
 so that they are alligned to a rhythm of health and balance.
To learn more on energy and how you can influence your life course, join me 
for a Soul Healing counselling session.

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