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Spiritual evolution? Change, change, change, let go...change!

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     Six years ago, 2009, a very busy life spinning around me.One evening woke up on the bathroom floor...after a short "pause in consciousness". A few days later, visiting hospitals, doctors with no answers for my condition, just the "Maybe you're too tired" phrase.I was too tired. I was tired of my life...
Or maybe Spirit was "cutting off power", as I was too away from my life's path.
     So after getting back on track, as soon as I'm able to drive I get in the car and join a meditation group.I needed balance. And so my  spiritual journey re-started.
     As a kid, I would always say " We are energy, everything is energy" - I had read some philosophical books and it just felt right...I liked to meditate/ sleep inside crystals and I loved art and any type of esotheric science.Studied numerology, even chiromancy, with the avidity of a starving scientist. Yet, somehow, I was unclear about the Divine Presence, I would see it more like an ubicuous energy governing everything than a men with a beard standing there above a church. And so it started with spirituality for me in my early childhood...then I grew up, became a manager and forgot all about it...until I turned 27.
     After re-starting the meditations, the leap in consciousness started and my outer life had to adapt my inner movements & changes. 'Cause spirituality always comes with big changes and cleaning in the day to day life, when practiced diligently. If only we have the strength to follow our inner guidance.
     Then the game of change began to grow stronger:
     2010, - changed job on full "economical crisis", deciding to start my own business, when everyone thought I was crazy.I started my own company according to my inner guidance and it went great from week 1.
     2011, afetr 6 years of marriage, felt it was no longer in allignment with my soul and moved on, not looking back. Well, sort of...but did the game of change anyway!
     2011, again, changed car, way of working in my company and many other things that I had to give away
     2012, after two beautiful years in my new company and my new relationship, after redecorating my home and finally being in a state of "worldly" satisfaction, had to change it all again: left my home, moved in a rented one, changed the course of my company from medical events organizing  to personal&spiritual development ones, and it was all almost like starting anew...Changes, changes, changes.
     2013, spring, again a time of change: After 10 days of darkroom, with only fruit juice or prana, non-stop meditation and learning new energy techniques, change came again. Got home and felt the walls were too narrow, had to leave again, my spirit was not fitting in anymore - so this time I had to change everything: moved to a new city, within a single week, gave all the money i had left to the rent owner, then..started praying. I had no idea how it will work, started a new job form scratch in the holistic therapy , had no friends in this new city, and all I knew is I am there to seriously practice the holistic therapy I had learned. I also knew I had to start workshops and conferences on spirituality and energy healing, I knew I had to stop and change the activity in my company again...And so I did! All I had was the divine guidance, no clear projects and plans. But that was enough for me.
      Did I worry? Yes, mostly about the rent, as I was not really used to live in someone else's house, so I felt an immense pressure at the end of every month, until things got into balance. The rest of it seemed really fine, work projects started pouring in, people started to get to know me, and a huge amount of creativity kept flowing though.
      So...2 years later, again, 2015, after having written 3 books, recorded 5 guided meditation CDs, video classes and more, held more than 60 conferences on spiritual evolution around the country and many many healing sessions, am ready and pushed to change again. Just ended a beautiful but complicated 4-5 years relationship, finished redecorating and harmonizing my home, my career is in balance and my clients it's obviously time for a new stage.
      Ready to leave it all again, fully prepared for what future and divine grace have to offer.
      Dera danda uthao :)

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