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Brainwaves and Soul Healing therapy

    The healing technique I practice, called Soul Healing, is a process that helps the pacient relax and quiet his mind to the point that healing is generated and allowed. In that state (somewhere between Alfa and Theta brainwaves patterns) one can have very profound insights from the subconscious and even soul level, that are important answers and solutions for his healing.
   My role is to maintain the Theta state for myself, help the patient go into it while remaining conscious and ask the right questions to help him become aware of the programs and convictions that lead to the dis-functions or dis-ease in his life.
Then, through de-programming an re-programming the mind (which is like a biocomputer) we go back to/re-creare the state of health or harmony.
To know more on Soul Healing click here.


Cristiana Dragomir  
Holistic Therapist & Coach
 (Soul Healing)  
Tel:+4 0746 165 813
E-mail: cristiana.dragomir999@gmail.com  

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