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How to Tell a Real Channeler from a Fake

In addition to the below article, from my experience with patients and friends I should say that when you hear a real channeled message, transmitted by an authentic channeller, you could have physical reactions such as "goose bumps", shivers, yawning, sneezing, crying. Any of these shows you that the received message is channeling a higher energy and is addressing you directly, as it is repatterning you energy fields. 
Those of you I have shared with before know that one can maintain a channeling state with his/her eyes opened, in a natural attitude. Don't expect all channellers to have their eyes closed or "weird" attitudes when they channel a message. In time, more of us will learn to shift our frequencies in a natural way.

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There are many who believe that all channelers are fake and therefore refuse to listen to or read channeled information. If you fall into that category, you are missing out on tremendous amount of empowering information.   Some examples of profound channeled materials include: “A Course in Miracles”, “The Law of One”, “Bringers of the Dawn”, “Conversations with God”, “The Indigo Children”, the Seth Materials, “Keys to Soul Evolution”, “Conversations with Laarkmaa: A Pleiadian View of the New Reality”, all of the Abraham-Hicks works on the Law of Attraction, the works of Edgar Cayce, and many more.

Nonlocality of Quantum Consciousness Proven by Science

Science has proven quantum nonlocality and quantum consciousness via experiments by showing that the signals of two human brains can synchronize, even when one of the two people is sequestered inside a Faraday cage, which is impervious to electro-magnetic signals.  Read what quantum physicist, Dr. Amit Goswami, wrote about one of the quantum nonlocality experiments:
“Quantum objects are able to influence one another instantly, once they interact and become correlated through quantum nonlocality…
“Grinberg, in 1993, was trying to demonstrate quantum nonlocality for two correlated brains. Two people meditate together with the intention of direct (signalless, nonlocal) communication. After twenty minutes, they are separated (while still continuing their unifying intention), placed in individual Faraday cages (electromagnetically impervious chambers), and each brain is wired up to an electroencephalogram (EEG) machine. One subject is shown a series of light flashes producing in his or her brain an electrical activity that is recorded in the EEG machine from which an “evoked potential” is extracted with the help of a computer upon subtracting the brain noise. The evoked potential is somehow found to be transferred to the other subject’s brain onto the EEG of this subject that gives (upon subtraction of noise) a transferred potential (similar to the evoked potential in phase and strength)…
“The experiment demonstrates the nonlocality of brain responses to be sure, but something even more important–nonlocality of quantum consciousness. How else to explain how the forced choice of the evoked response in one subject’s brain can lead to the free choice of an (almost) identical response in the correlated partner’s brain?”

How to Tell a Real Channeler from a Fake

Science has established the possibility for channeling (the evoked response in one subject’s brain can lead an almost identical response in the correlated partner’s brain).   For certain, we have been blessed with numerous profound, channeled materials from intelligent, multi-dimensional beings.  That said, I do not believe that all alleged “channeled” materials are authentic.
One way to determine authenticity is to measure the brain waves during a channeling session.  See: “Brainwave Activity During Beloved’s Channeling.”  Another way, albeit much less scientific, is the gut check.  What does your gut tell you as you are listening to a channeler?  Does what they say ring true or is it unbelievable?  Is the information beyond general knowledge or just common sense?  Is the information detailed and specific as opposed to shallow and vague?

Examples of Authentic Channelers

I didn’t become interested in channeling until two years ago, when I met three channelers within just a few months of one another: Denise Laberge (who channels Adama), Jill Mara (who channels Simion), and Wendy Kennedy (who channels The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective).   Then, last summer I met Cullen Baird Smith and Rebecca Smith Orleane (who channel Laarkmaa).  They have all become good friends and I have had multiple personal channeling sessions with each.
In addition, in the last six months, I have had the opportunity to see both Darryl Anka channel Bashar and Lee Carrol channel Kryon.  They were both incredible!
Just one week ago, I met a wonderful lady named Nora Herold who often partners with Wendy Kennedy.  Click here to watch their impressive and highly informative video that was recorded at the Conscious Life Expo the day before I met Nora, titled “Wisdom for the 2012 Shift.”  And, just last night I watched their amazing, and professionally produced DVD titled “Illumination Matrix: Shifting into a New Dimension.”  I found myself repeatedly stopping and replaying sections of the DVD to take notes.  Here are just a couple of the many pearls of wisdom that I jotted down:
  • When you start to worry, put yourself in heart center.  In the heart center, there are no distortions and you can see clearly the process of co-creation.  On the other hand, the mind has the mentality of victim-perpetrator, whereas in the heart center, it’s co-creator.
  • How to get heart centered: think of something that makes you smile – preferably an animal or a place.
  • Remember that you wanted to be here.  You were excited to incarnate here at this time. You did not come here to complain about the human condition.  You came here as beings of light to wake up and remember who you are and to love more and more.
  • We encourage you to view things with the mindset of a child:  fearless, believing everything is easy and effortless because it is.  It’s the mind makes things hard or complicated.

Tuning In: Spirit Channelers in America

A great resource for both an introduction to channeling as well as terrific channeled information is the excellent documentary film titled “Tuning In: Spirit Channelers in America”, which profiles six channelers: Wendy Kennedy, Darryl Anka, Lee Carrol, John Cali (who channels Chief Joseph), Shawn Randall (who channels Torah), and Geoffrey Hoppe (who channels Tobias).  You can watch on YouTube:

Note that “Tuning In” was uploaded in nine parts to YouTube.  After finishing each part, find and click on the next part that appears in the list below and to the right of the video."

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