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As women, expressing our femininity and sexuality  is essential for our health and harmony. 
Maybe we have censored them because of learned convictions or past experiences that generated fear, but  it's time to let them unfold harmoniously in this world for us to be healthier and happier!
During the workshop: MEDITATIVE DANCE -  SACRED DANCE FOR HEALING we have the opportunity to let loose all aspects of our femininity, of our power as women, reminding us natural flow of energy through our bodies and healing through dance. We will remember to let the music flow through our bodies to "dance us through", to break the walls of our main energy and strength - the feminine energy - so that it can manifest freely.
The facilitator will channel through, during the dance, the main feminine energies that need to be expressed,  for the group to heal.


 - meditative dance  initiation;
 - initiation into the expression and release of emotions through meditative dance; 
- initiation in the feminine acceptance state through the meditative dance; 
- practical exercises

 Date: Saturday  at 18:00.
 Duration: 3 hrs


Healing discussions and initiations in the following  topics:

- themes and aspects of femininity expressed in eros; 
- integrating the masculine and feminine aspects of our being, as women;
- sacred sexuality and its manifestations in us as women
- integrating harmonious femininity .

Date: Sunday, at 11.00.
Duration: 3 hrs

More on Meditative dance:

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Energy Harmonization Therapist & Coach
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