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Memories Of An Evolved Humanoid Civilization - Elysium

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"In the very beginning of time, when this Planet was first colonised by advanced Beings from other Galaxies, as well as Planets within this Universe and Solar System, underground bases were set up.  The scientists involved thus lived in these bases, until such time as the whole planet was stabilised and made habitable.
 As said before, some 800 000 then started the civilisation - The great 7th dimensional Elysium people, that first inhabited most of the Indian Ocean, the Australian and Asian lands (most of these now under the sea) eastern most tip of Southern Africa, 30° East and 30° South, was a part of the Elysium Civilisation - which INCLUDED the Island of Madagaskar, Antarctica, which with the sinking of the Elysium lands, and the continental shift - then was separated from the Eastern shores of the south-eastern African continent.
 As the Elysium Civilisation was so highly advanced, they had mastered themselves and their environment to such an extend, that they lived in perfect balance with ALL of Creation, and adhered to the Law-of-One -thus harmlessness to ALL BEINGS and adherence to free will.
1798519 853501008029089 780813874714887868 n They had placed a Light consciousness Energy field in and around the whole Planet, which acted as a huge type of energy source - free energy, that helped to artificially control the climatic conditions on the planet, thus the climate was temperate.
 The same field also acted as a way to teleport themselves to wherever they wanted to go to on this Planet, in an instant.  It contained within itself all information of anything created within the planet, and all the Universes, indeed the cosmic whole.
 They used telepathy as a way of communication - thus language was unknown and unnecessary.  This is an important point to comprehend,as this civilisation was made up by volunteers who came from varied galaxies - thus lies were unknown.  If people can read your mind, they can also read your intentions - thus all would immediately KNOW if you were not using your inherent gifts (talents) FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF ALL!
 The Light Consciousness Energy Field, was kept activated by a series of crystal temples, which acted as huge power-stations and also as gateways or star-gates if you like, to Higher Dimensions.  At the same time, it also acted as ways tokeep in touch with the Council of 12 - who act as advisories to the Divine Source, as well as the Intergalactic Federations of the Great Brotherhood of the Great White Flame - a non-violent confederation of galaxies, who alladhere to the Law-of-One, and the Universal Cosmic Laws, of perfect balance and harmony. 
 The South-eastern part of African (Madagascar included) was always considered the HOLIEST of Holiness, and here only those of certaingalaxies were allowed - and these were the most highly evolved races. In a way, it was a sacred place, where these Beings stayed underground, in their bases, and the land was more of less uninhabited for millions of years.  Yet there was wild-life, plant-life etc. in abundance, as well as lots of water, greenery, and spectacular places of immensely high energy!  
 The strip of ocean, from just offshore of Durban, in South Africa, and the channel between Madagascar and the East Coast of SoutherAfrica, a had a total of 7 Crystal Temples - which were aligned.  They thus thenlinked up with the most important one of all - the Temple of White Flame,which was the most sacred Temple of all the Elysium Lands!
 Here, then only the most powerful High Priests and High Priestesses,served, after being screened as serving only the Highest Good - thus being Divinely Connected to the Divine Source - the Source that birthed all!
They also were able to span dimensions and could travel through space and time at will.  Thus they were in constant communication with the Councilof the Most High, plus the Intergalactic Federation of the Great Brotherhood of White Flame. 
In this way they acted as intermediaries between the Divine Source andthe Elysium people - and also kept the Light Consciousness Energy Field activated, as well as the Sacred Vortexes - which served as entry points for the visitors for the Federation into their underground bases.  At the same time, living in such areas, if tuned in, one could/still can, span dimensions, thus take quantum leaps of consciousness!
 These High Priests and Priestesses were so highly evolved that they literally spent their lives dedicated to anchoring in the Highest Frequencies, Vibrations and Rays from the Divine Source into this Planet - and thus
kept the whole Planet in Balance - as well as acting as sages, illuminaries, astrologers, The Wisdom Keepers,  healers, teachers and administrators of their people.  They also held the crystal skulls, the crystal keys, and the inherent keys and codes to the Light Consciousness Energy Fields, and to the whole energy fields as activated and transmitted via the Crystal Pyramid Temples and the greater energy vortices of the planet as held WITHIN and WITHOUT.
(Excerpt from my upcoming book:  WHY I WAS BORN IN AFRICA - the untold and unrecorded history of the First Civilizaition and the Light Consciousness Energy Fields.")
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