vineri, 25 noiembrie 2016

Giving thanks

As it's Thanks Giving Day, I give thanks:

 - for my breath; it's keeping me alive
 - for the ability to walk - it gives me the chance to go anywhere I want, independently;
 - for my health - for I now have the power to give to others;
 - for my body - an infinite realm of sensations;
 - for my friends - I feel honored and blessed to have them around;
 - for the ability to speak - this can do wonders when right words come;
 - for my voice - as it helps me be heard;
 - for the ability to write - a gift I'm eternally grateful for, as I can send things out further than ever; 
 - for my shelter and hot water - a blessing I enjoy every day;
 - for my food and clear water to drink;
 - for my knowledge - as it sets me free;
 - for Love.

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