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Alkaline diet for health & focus

"Despite being a popular diet, many still are unaware of the spiritual benefits that can be experienced by converting to an alkaline based diet. Those who practice alkaline diet note several benefits which include ease of meditation, increased willpower or focus and clarity of thought. For many who practice an alkaline diet meditation comes more naturally, and their span of attention will be more accessible. This is because those who practice an alkaline diet have less energy delegated to digestion and generally wont experience the ailments that result from an imbalanced diet.
This allows more energy and consciousness to be directed fully into what they are doing. When meditation is improved, the willpower is refined and becomes a powerful tool in accomplishing the many duties of life. Clarity of thought also is a benefit of this diet, for if the ailments of an imbalanced diet are eliminated,there is more bodily energy and level of consciousness for an intention. When practicing alkaline diet with yoga, initiates will more easily be able to visualize themselves as part of ecosystem and beings around them, without being bound by ego based self-centered impulse reactions."

Read more here(source article) on how to alkalinize oyur diet:


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