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Jasmuheen and The Embassy of Peace Inaugural Retreat - 13th - 19th May, 2014 - Cancun, Mexico

Feel like a holiday with a higher purpose? As you may be aware, Jasmuheen is holding her first Embassy of Peace retreat in the wonderful environment of Cancun in Mexico - exact dates 13th - 19th May, 2014. Here is a link to her website with the initial data on this - http://www.jasmuheen.com/embassy-of-peace-upgrades/#embassy-2014-retreat
or if you prefer, here is a link to a PDF file that goes deeper into the details of this retreat - http://www.jasmuheen.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/EMBASSY-PEACE-AFFILIATES-RETREAT-Cancun-Mexico.pdf
You may also enjoy the article that Jasmuheen recently posted there called THE PURE LOVE CHANNEL AND ITS TEMPLATES OF PERFECTION which you can read at this link now - http://www.jasmuheen.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/THE-PURE-LOVE-CHANNEL-AND-ITS-TEMPLATES-OF-PERFECTION.pdf
As much as we would love to say that there will be translators there for all the different languages, at this stage there will just be Jasmuheen in English and also a translator for Spanish but if enough people wish to come from our country then we may be able to arrange this amongst ourselves from those coming from our network.
 Please let me know directly if you are interested in coming so we can co-ordinate a group from our country. As we all know when we are meant to be somewhere it seems the quantum field provides a clear path to get there especially re time and money and I love how this happens ... please note that we are also still downloading the complete program content but the main thing is that it will enable our affiliates a chance to share some of our beautiful programs with others in the world by providing them with fabulous effective tools and data and much more ...

For more info contact 0040746 165 813

Cristiana Dragomir,
Spiritual development therapist
Tel: 0040746 165 813
E-mail: cristiana.dragomir999@gmail.com

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