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The perfect couple – Workshop


Motto:”The road to a couple’s perfection begins with your intention of self-development. ”

-          Why does passion go away? How do we bring it back?
-          Compromise or acceptance – how far do we go?
-          Who leads who? The games of power in couple.
-          What are His wishes? What are Her wishes?
-          Parallel relationships ? DO’s and DON’T’s.
-          Sincerity in couple – what and how do we confess?
-          How do we love again after “we have lost” – when and why do we stop?
To all this and more we will find the answers together  during the conference : “The perfect couple – Myth or reality?”


What are the costs?
The cost of this conference is 30* Euro. For relations and reservations please call :

*By subscribing to three workshops of the PERSONAL HARMONISATION SERIES you get a 10% discount for each workshop.
*By subscribing to five workshops of the PERSONAL HARMONISATION SERIES, the sixth is out gift to you.
Who is speaking?
Cristiana Dragomir – Personal development and energetic healing counselor. She has studied personal and bio-field harmonization techniques, nutrition harmonization and prana healing with Jasmuheen, Tao Healing and harmonizing the vital energy with Mantak Chia’s online courses, Theta Healing with Cristina Hlusak an Tibetan healing techniques. She is also a practitioner of yoga stretching, meditation and light & sound healing.   She has started sharing her healing experiences on herself and others in the PERSONAL HARMONIZATION workshops series, consisting in seven workshops, as listed below.
By subscribing to the full series, one has the opportunity of revising and transforming the seven major aspects of a harmonious life.
1. The perfect couple – Myth or reality?
2. Increasing our feminine gifts – Fit & Fabulous
3. Energy in harmony – your child’s food
4. Nutrition and wellness – alternatives to unhealthy diet
5. Orgasm increasing and the harmonizing of sexual energy
6. The harmonious relationship with our children (born and unborn)
7. The relationship with our parents – discovering our personal mission by understanding their roles in our live.


Cristiana Dragomir

Counselor on personal development and energetic harmonizing

Tel: 0746 165 813


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