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Book - Darkroom Retreat : A Lightfull Mystical Experience

         The story of a spiritual  initiation: ten days in Darkroom (perfect darkness, similar to the meditation caves of the ancient mystics) and deep meditation. The author describes the process and the experience, in joy and honesty, offering a journey to self- balance and simple powerful tools for energy recalibration.
        In meditation, silence and without physical food (except for optional fruit or vegetable juices), the perception on the world and on our own being dramatically changes, for the inner voice is finally heard and our real state - finally perceived.
        An unique, healing and revelatory experience, which unveils a new paradigm...
        It has been scientifically proven that, when not exposed to light, the pineal gland is giving out more DMT - The Spirit Molecule- facilitating extra-sensory experiences and the access to broader realities.  

"The experience that I’ve written about in this book is a peculiar and – for many – an “extreme” one. It’s one of  that “don’t try this at home” things that you want to get informed about before proceeding to it.
The training that I took part in - consisting in ten days and ten nights of complete darkness and deep meditation witout physical food (except some fruit juice, optionally)   – is meant to strongly refine the senses and the intuitive capacities, to purify and heal the body and to put us in contact to our non-physical side.Because, after all, the whole process is about ways of accessing a higher state of consciousness…"  The Author
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