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The Luscious Lifestyle Program -Transformational video classes

The Luscious Lifestyle Program is  created to help you discover simple and efficient methods for the optimization of every aspect in your life: diet optimization, relationships, career, health, wealth, couple, wellbeing, spirituality.
This program is presented as 11 video classes that you can access and watch in the comfort of your home. 
They are unique because they have exactly the right mix between the ancient teachings of traditional spiritual masters and the modern approach of the quantum physics, plus a personal touch of what I've developed and experienced. 
8 powerful ascended masters have recommended and channeled through the steps of The Luscious Lifestyle Program. See more on the masters here (use the TRANSLATE button for your language).
Each module presents an unique approach on balancing techniques such as meditation, reconnecting to the universal energy an how to receive divine guidance, mind mastery , diet, body exercise, re-connecting with nature, the benefits of service, music and melotherapy as a balancing method.  

To all that we add 3 sessions about

 -  life clarity: how to get clarity with your decisions
-  extraordinary relationships and how to maintain them
-  feedback and questions

See also a quick interview on this:

 We all want a fulfilled life: inner balance, inner peace, harmonious relationships, abundance, wealth, the perfect career... And because many of us are still caught in the game of stress and deadlines of any kind, this goal seems a little hard to get. How can you transform your inner state so that our life is full of fulfillment?
You find out by participating to THE LUSCIOUS LIFESTYLE PROGRAM*   

 The total fee for the whole 11 modules program is 208 USD/ 196 EURO. 

 To subscribe for the whole program, click here:

After the subscription payment just let us know at and you'll receive the link to our workshops.

    * The Luscious Lifestyle Program has been offered by The Embassy of Peace,  international organization working on personal and spiritual transformation development and channeled by Cristiana Eltrayan, Holistic Therapist & Life Coach . 

Cristiana Eltrayan
Holistic Therapist & Coach
(Soul Healing)  
Tel:+4 0746 165 813
Youtube: Cristiana Eltrayan   

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