vineri, 8 aprilie 2016

On rules and regulations


     For a while this week I've been looking at the necessity of rules and how they affect and influence our lives. Being one that would not acknowledge authority even since I was an adolescent, rules for me have always been questioned and turned upside down before accepted and obeyed. 
As I only really acknowledge the authority of God and His guidance, people's rules are only acknowledged and accepted by me when they are in harmony with the Divine, or in harmony with all. The egoic rules, those created for the personal benefit of the ruler, or based on a fixation, those that only come to bring the ruler a sense of power over people, are instantly "deleted" from my spirit and treated consequently. 
    Therefore, I noticed that meanwhile some rules and regulations are created for the sake of order and goo collaboration, some other are just made to empower someone, or created as a result of limiting beliefs.
    The second type of  rules are kin of disruptive and they only bring disharmony, slowing the evolution of those who make them, of those who obey them and of the whole process involving those regulations. Therefore, when creating a new rule, let's filter it with: " Is this rule adding to or detracting from my freedom and good communion with others?'
    Another perspective is that rules are only necessary in a community/environment where people are not centered an connected to their heart. For, when one is in his heart, he cannot do something  that would be  disharmonious, all his actions and steps are in harmony with all, enhancing the community with his very presence.

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